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Dr. Paul Gold

Gold Biotechnology, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Dr. Paul Gold in an effort to provide researchers with high-quality products at low prices. For almost 30 years, our company's success has relied on its commitment to the success of those whom we supply. We believe that putting quality products in capable hands leads to discoveries that benefit all. That is why we provide our customers with only the best chemicals available, purchased from our network of trusted, global suppliers, and tested in GoldBio labs to assure our own quality specifications. And when it comes to research, we understand the importance of time as well as money, so we ship most of our products the same day they are ordered and in the most efficient way possible. We also include the best possible technical support and customer service with every product that we ship, in order to help every researcher discover, invent and innovate. With each order our customers place, we send out our products with full confidence in their success and with the hope that they will be used in great discovery, because that's what this business is about for us – The Discovery.

As a result of low prices and dedication to customer service, GoldBio has been rewarded with an ever-growing demand from researchers worldwide. Our customers have shown confidence in our company and our pledge to continue to supply them with the highest-quality products at the lowest cost. We now supply more than 1,500 molecular-biology grade products, and we boast an active molecular-biology research-and-development program geared toward innovation and the development of new products for prospective research. Since its inception, GoldBio has pursued new ways to support the life-sciences industry, and today we continue that exploration with a steadfast commitment to the success of your experiments.

Mission Statement:

"At GoldBio, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, vendors and strategic partners through quality of products, excellent service and attention to detail. Our sustainable business model and relationships with others in the supply chain allow us to provide researchers and scientists with uniquely low prices, while maintaining the highest quality in the industry. We stand behind all our products to the fullest extent with the hope that they will be used in discoveries that benefit all."

Our Philosophy:

  • Provide the highest quality product
  • Maintain low costs to pass along to the researcher
  • Be an advocate for the industry
  • Support our customers as any loyal business partner
  • Be an ally to businesses in the industry
  • Put forth products with hope
  • Look towards the future

We look toward the future with hope as we send out our products with the intent that they will be used in great discovery. We are a small company dedicated to the success of those whom we supply. So, we provide high-quality low cost materials to scientists and researchers. We give our customers the best so they can discover, invent, and innovate. Because that is what it is about for us...The Discovery.

Commitment to Quality:

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality products available. We test our products from our network of trusted global suppliers to assure they meet our quality specifications. We stand behind all of our products knowing that our reputation lies on the success of your experiments.