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Posted by Karen on June 5th, 2017 in Karen Martin  ⟩  0 comments

For over 30 years GoldBio has made it its mission to stand behind life science research because we believe that by promoting research and discovery, the world will change for the better.

Therefore, we are always looking to hear from you in order to better support your vision. Of course, telling us what’s important to you might not always be so easy, especially when you’re very busy, so GoldBio has created convenient places on its site to let your voice be heard. What are your needs? What are your goals? What can we do better? What are/aren’t we doing well? What ideas do you have? How has your experience with GoldBio been?

This article will very briefly take you through the possible ways you can leave feedback, share ideas and let us know what you think.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Feature (Beta Mode):

On certain product pages you might see the thumbs up/thumbs down icons. If you have ordered the product from GoldBio, used it and want to share your thoughts with us, simply select the icon that best represents your experience. Your icon selection will be noted, and after you click, a set of fields will appear where you can leave more details.

Another convenient feature is that your feedback can be left anonymously, and no fields are required.

Search Results Page:

Our website’s search bar enables you to search our inventory based on product name, catalog number or CAS number. If you search and we have the item or have items related to your query, the search results page will list it out for you.

However, if your query led to no results, there is still a way to let us know what you are looking for. Your inquiry on the form shown below could prompt us to consider carrying the product of interest. 

Article Comments:

GoldBio publishes and shares articles geared toward life science research and life in the field. Like what you read? Don’t like what you read? Have suggestions on what to add to the story or want to suggest supplemental material? At the end of every article is a comment section for you to tell us more, ask questions and share your ideas.

Perhaps the article had tips for a certain process, and through your experience you have advice that might be useful to other readers. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, open a dialog and help inspire others.

Live Chat Feedback: 

Our live chat feature allows you to digitally connect to a GoldBio representative. This platform offers a convenient way to ask questions, request information, update us on an order – anything that is important to you. 

While the live chat is one way you can give us helpful feedback, the poll that follows it is a way to rate your overall experience during the session. It only takes seconds and is as easy to do as the picture below shows.

Social Media:

While it’s offsite, connecting with our social media channels is another way you can share thoughts, offer suggestions or keep in touch. Our primary channels include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Have suggestions, tips or ideas for the site? Let us know. Comment below. Or get in touch via live chat, social, email, phone or one of the platforms listed above. We appreciate hearing from you because you are what drives science forward.

              Karen Martin
GoldBio Marketing Coordinator

"To understand the universe is to understand math." My 8th grade
math teacher's quote meant nothing to me at the time. Then came
college, and the revelation that the adults in my past were right all
along. But since math feels less tangible, I fell for biology and have
found pure happiness behind my desk at GoldBio, learning, writing

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