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Featured Products | Protocols And Stock Solutions

Here you’ll find a complete list of stock solution procedures and general protocols for our most popular products, arranged alphabetically. GoldBio is committed to providing comprehensive information for our products.

Agarose Gel Protocol

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation Protocol

Ampicillin Stock Solution

Antibiotic Disk Diffusion Assay

Antibiotic Testing Procedure

Antibiotic Treatment of Contaminated Cell Culture

BaF3 Proliferation Bioassay

Blue-White Screening Procedure

Bradford Protein Assay

CaK2-EGTA Stock Solution

Carbenicillin Stock Solution

Chloramphenicol Stock Solution

DNA Extraction From Mouse Tail

DTT Stock Solution

G418 Stock Solution

Gus Gene Assay in Transformed Plant Tissue

HEPES Buffer Stock Solution

Hygromycin B Stock Solution

In Gel Digestion Protocol

IPTG Protein Induction & Extraction Protocol

IPTG Stock Solution

Kanamycin Stock Solution

Luciferin In Vitro Handbook

Luciferin In Vivo Handbook

Noncovalent Protein Internalization Protocol

Nourseothricin Product Information and Selection Guide

Nourseothricin Stock Solution

Nuclease Inactivation with Proteinase K

PHEM Buffer - 4X

Plant Morphogenesis-Antibiotic Protocol

Potato-Agrobacterium Transformation

Preparation of Mucoid Specimens

Proteinase K Stock Solution - 20 mg/ml

TAE Stock Solution - 50X

TBE Stock Solution - 10X

TCEP Stock Solution

TE Buffer - 10X

Titration Kill Curve Protocol

Tris Buffer Stock Solution

Trypsin Digestion Protocol

TTE Stock Solution - 10X

User Guide for GoldBio Buffers

Vancomycin Stock Solution

X-Gal Stock Solution