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Streptavidin Agarose ResinGold Biotechnology’s streptavidin agarose resin provides a high affinity biotin-binding chromatography resin using streptavidin covalently cross-linked to agarose beads. Immobilized streptavidin resin is suitable for gravity flow columns, spin columns and FPLC methods, and can be used for affinity chromatography purifications by separating biotinylated proteins from nonbiotinylated proteins or for affinity purification of antigens when used with biotinylated antibodies. Streptavidin is a biotin-binding protein found in the culture broth of the bacterium Streptomyces avidinii. Streptavidin lacks the carbohydrate side chains present on avidin and has an isoelectric point similar to most biological interactions. Gold Biotechnology’s streptavidin agarose resin is the highest loading capacity resin currently available on the market.