Aminoethyl Agarose Beads

Gold Biotechnology’s aminoethyl agarose resins are cross-linked, autoclavable agarose beads used for protein immobilization. Our resins are covalently bound to the agarose, giving them a qualitative advantage to resins activated by CNBr. These agarose resins have a higher binding capacity, faster conjugation, more reproducibility and a longer shelf life than CNBr. Aminoethyl agarose resins are safer to use and are designed to bind with the carboxy groups on a protein with high specificity. GoldBio offers both low pressure resins (low density) for R&D scale experiments as well as high pressure resins (high density) for industrial scale separations. For best results, screen your proteins with the one of our aminoethyl test kits in order to optimize the activation of your specific protein.

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