PFGE Agarose

Product Description

PFGE (Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis) Agarose is a high gel strength agarose, which allows for lower gel concentration (0.3%). PFE is designed to separate high molecular weight DNA at lower concentrations. This agarose can also be used for general nucleic acid separation and has an exceptionally low absorption of staining agents.

Electrophoresis conditions:
(I): Field Inversion Gel Electrophoresis (FIGE) separation(20-50kb): 230 V, 7.9 V/cm, 16 hrs., 50 msec. pulse, forward:reverse pulse ratio = 2.5:1. Suggested gel concentration: 0.3-1.0%.
(II): Rotating gel electrophoresis (RGE) separation (200-2000kb): 180 V, 5.1 V/cm, 34 hrs., 120 angle, 60-120 sec. pulse ramp. Suggested gel concentration 0.5-1.5%.

Product Specifications
PFE Agarose


Gel Strength (1.5%) = >2200 g/cm2
EEO = <0.12
Gel Point = 37±1.5°C at 1.5%
Melting Point = 88±1°C at 1.5%

Product Specifications

Catalog ID A-092
CAS # 9012-36-6
Storage/Handling Store at room temperature.

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
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C Certificate of Analysis
S Safety Data Sheet

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