certus QC - mycoADVANCED Detection Kit

Product Description

Certus QC – mycoADVANCED detection kit is a isothermal amplification based assay that provides a wide range of Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma detection for cell culture. This ready-to-use, rapid and highly sensitive kit leads to significantly faster results that are more accurate than other detection methods.

Strict regulatory and publication guidelines require Mycoplasma testing in order to continue. The certus QC – mycoADVANCED detection kit ensures the quality and safety of your important cell culture experiments, primary and continuous cell lines to bacterial contamination. In less than one hour, the certus QC – mycoADVANCED detection kit provides you with highly sensitive results, detecting the most common Mycoplasma species that account for >95% of contamination (see species list below).

Save Time and Money

Traditional microbiological detection of Mycoplasma species requires a testing period of 28 days, bogging down workflows, delaying projects and putting a hold on publication. Instead, get real-time data that allows you to move forward with important project decisions.

Additionally, other PCR-based and qPCR-based detection methods can take several hours and require an extraction step, which either requires a kit add-on or additional reagents and time. The certus QC – mycoplasma detection kits and certus QC - mycoADVANCED detection kits do not require a DNA extraction step, which saves you considerable time and money.

Best mycoplasma detection kit

Get the Most Reliable Results

qPCR detection delivers the most accurate results. There is no worry over false negatives, which can occur through bioluminescence detection. More sensitivity allows you to not only move forward with confidence, but to publish with confidence.


  • No DNA extraction required. Save money and time with this all-in-one kit.
  • Reproducible and reliable results in less than 1 hour.
  • Highly sensitive
  • Works in most instruments.
  • Minimal hands-on time
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Cost-effective

Kit Components

Certus QC – mycoADVANCED detection kits components are color-coded for ease of use.

  • Primer Mix (Includes primers for an internal control (IC), which is only amplified in Mycoplasma-negative or low positive samples.)
  • Enzyme Mix
  • A positive assay control, which consists of an artificial DNA template containing the Mycoplasma target sequence. It is not infectious and cannot cause contamination in cell lines.
  • Lysis Buffer (A negative assay control can be made from diluting fresh medium in lysis buffer.) Also includes an internal control (IC), which is only amplified in Mycoplasma-negative or low positive samples.

Species Detection

The following common Acholeplasma, Mycoplasma and Spiroplasma species have been tested and detected:

  • S. citri (only with mycoADVANCED)
  • M. pneumoniae (only with mycoADVANCED)
  • M. gallisepticum (only with mycoADVANCED)
  • A. laidlawii
  • M. arginini
  • M. fermentans
  • M. hominis
  • M. hyorhinis
  • M. orale
  • M. synoviae

Additional Mycoplasma species that have been tested and detected include:

  • M. adleri
  • M. arthritidis
  • M. bovirhinis
  • M. bovis
  • M. bovoculi
  • M. californicum
  • M. ciconiae
  • M. cottewii
  • M. dispar
  • M. fastidiosum
  • M. feriruminatoris
  • M. gallinarum
  • M. genitalium
  • M. lagogenitalium
  • M. leachii
  • M. meleagridis
  • M. microti
  • M. mucosicanis
  • M. neophronis
  • M. penetrans
  • M. pulmonis
  • M. salivarium
  • M. sturnidae
  • M. sualvi


Components of the kit may be shipped on blue ice and remain stable during transit. Upon arrival, store kit at -20°C. See vial label for expiration date. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles may impact the quality of the primers. Aliquot the Primer Mix (vial #1) prior to storage.

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