T4 UvsX DNA Recombinase

Product Description

UvsX recombinase is the RecA/Rad51 ortholog of bacteriophage T4. Recombinases of the RecA/RAD51 family perform the central catalytic role in the process of error-free repair of DNA double-strand breaks and for replication fork restart. T4 UvsX DNA Recombinase and other recombinases form presynaptic filaments on ssDNA that are activated to search for homology in dsDNA and to perform DNA strand exchange. UvsX recombinase is free from detectable nuclease activities.

Product Includes

  • UvsX Recombinase
  • 10X UvsX Recombinase Reaction Buffer

Purity: ≥98% (assessed by SDS-PAGE with Coomassie blue staining)

Concentration: 5 μg/μl

Source: E. coli BL21 (DE3) strain expressing T4 UvsX gene

Storage/Handling: Store at -20°C.
Product may be shipped on blue ice.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID T-414
Storage/Handling Store at -20°C.

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
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C Certificate of Analysis
S Safety Data Sheet

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