Product Description

UvsY is the phage T4 recombination mediator protein, and structural and biophysical studies provide insights into its role in T4 homologous recombination. During T4 homologous recombination, the UvsX recombinase must compete with the prebound gp32 single-stranded binding protein for DNA-binding sites and T4 UvsY Protein stimulates this filament nucleation event. UvsY is a 15.8-kDa protein with properties that are consistent with its role as mediator; it stimulates the DNA-dependent ATPase activity of UvsX, lowers the critical concentration of UvsX that is required for activity, and promotes strand exchange. UvsY efficiently promotes the UvsX-catalyzed strand invasion reaction by recruiting to ssDNA–gp32 complexes, promotes the release of gp32, and favors the binding of UvsX. UvsY protein is free from detectable nuclease activities.

Product Includes

  • UvsY
  • 10X UvsY Reaction Buffer

Purity: ≥98% (assessed by SDS-PAGE with Coomassie blue staining)

Concentration: 2 μg/μl

Source: E. coli BL21 (DE3) strain expressing T4 UvsY gene with an Nterminal GST tag. This GST tag does not have any effect onUvsY activity

Storage/Handling: Store at -20°C.
Product may be shipped on blue ice.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID T-415
Name T4 UvsY Protein
Storage/Handling Store at -20°C.

Technical Documentation

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