Zinc Agarose Beads (Low Density)

Product Description

Low Density Zinc Agarose Resin is available as bulk resins for better customization. Purification of proteins is a vital part of modern research. Impure extracts generally contain a wide range of proteins with diverse biological functions and different chemistry, which need to be separated.

IDA cross-linked Agarose resin consists of iminodiacetic acid groups ligated by stable ether linkages via a spacer arm. IDA is a tridentate chelating agent, covalently coupled to cross-linked agarose beads. This resin is loaded with Zn2+. The resulting resin (ready-to-use) is ideal for rapid purifications of His-tagged proteins.

Affinity Chromatography is based on the interaction between certain superficial protein residues (histidines, cysteines and to a lesser extent tryptophans), with transition metal cations, forming chelates.

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID H-331
Storage/Handling store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.

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