ProBlock™ Gold Protease Inhibitor Cocktail [100X]

Product Description

Due to the optimized concentration of the various inhibitors, the ProBlock Gold™ shows excellent inhibition of protease activities and is therefore suitable for the protection of proteins during purification from animal tissues, plant tissues, yeast and bacteria. ProBlock Gold™ contains both irreversible and reversible protease inhibitors to inhibit serine, cysteine and other proteases. An optional EDTA is provided to inhibit metalloproteases.

Since some proteins require divalent cations like Ca2+, Mg2+ or Mn2+ for their biological activity, the presence of EDTA may be detrimental to the protein activity. Furthermore, if the protein of interest is purified using immobilized metal chelate affinity chromatography; EDTA must be removed from the buffer before the chromatography. The ProBlock Gold™ is therefore supplied with an optional EDTA solution and may be added in the extraction buffer or lysate as needed.

ProBlock Gold™ at 1X concentration in extraction buffer at pH 7-8 inhibits over 90% of protease activities (e.g. Mouse Pancreas Extract, 0.5mg/ml protein).

• Greater Range of Inhibition – 95%+
• Better than tablets – the ready-to-use, refrigerator-stable, 100X liquid format is more effective and easier to use than traditional tablet products; just pipette exactly the amount you need!
• No proprietary ingredients – formulation contains AEBSF, aprotinin, bestatin, E-64, leupeptin and pepstatin A, and PMSF
• Multiple package sizes
• Two popular formulations – regular formulation includes a separate vial of EDTA solution for optional metallo-protease inhibition; EDTA-free formulation ensures compatibility with isoelectric focusing

Product Specifications

Catalog ID GB-108
Storage/Handling Store at 4°C.

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