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GoldBio Video Library

At GoldBio, we are committed to providing researchers with the tools and resources they need to further their work. Whether it’s high-quality products and truly affordable prices, or a vast wealth of information at your fingertips in our online library, our goal is simple: Be the partner that you need so you produce your very best work.

With that in mind, we have a video library that contains original GoldBio-created content. Since demonstration is how we learn in the lab, these videos give us the opportunity to provide instruction to anyone, anywhere, any time. Through these videos, we plan to share tips, tricks and techniques, along with protocols, product demonstrations and answers to frequently asked technical questions. We believe that collaboration, communication and demonstration of pertinent ideas and techniques will help lead to discovery and innovation - and that is what we are passionate about.

We want to encourage interaction among researchers that will lead to better projects, improve life in the lab, broaden understanding, accelerate research and enable those breakthrough moments that benefit all. 

Evernote Lab Notebook Tutorial - Adding Content (Part 3/4)
Evernote Lab Notebook - Getting Started Tutorial (Part 2/4)
Evernote Lab Notebook - The Basics (Part 1/4)
Diseases Associated with FGF and FGF Receptor Mutations
FGF Overview: FGFs and Their Importance
How to Prepare and Pour an Agarose Gel - Plus Speed Tips
Blue White Screening of Bacterial Colonies - X Gal / IPTG Plates
Testing Antibiotic Using Disk Diffusion Assay Kirby Bauer Method
BaF3 Proliferation Bioassay Methods
Fibroblast Growth Factor - FGF - Growth Factors and Stem Cell Reagents
Protein Purification - IPTG Stock Solution

Protein Purification - IPTG Stock Stability & Storage

Protein Purification - Pouring and Packing an Agarose