Safe-Soap Glassware Cleaner

Having crisp gel results is important for your research. Clear results are easily attained when proper maintenance of your glass plates for gels are employed. Without thorough cleaning, they can accumulate scratches and residue which can cause negative effects on your gel results. Using GoldBio Safe-Soap on your plates will enable you to get the clear results you desire and prevent wear and tear on your equipment.
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Safe-Soap (gentle glassware cleaner)

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Q6471 250 mL $ 32.00


GoldBio Safe-Soap (also called SequeSoap) is used to clean the glass plates that are commonly used for acrylamide gels!

You demand crisp bands on your gels. But repeated use of glass plates for gels leaves behind carbonate and silicate residue, chemical deposits and microscopic scratches on plate surfaces that can lead to tears in the gel when separating the plates following the run.
When you purchase one jar of SequeStrip for $47.00 you may purchase one bottle of SequeSoap for only $10.00.

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Q6471 250 mL $ 32.00

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